Why Opt for Concrete When Constructing a New Home?

When having a new home built, you may not think of concrete as being a good building material or for anything other than the outside driveway and patio area. However, concrete is a very versatile, affordable material that can be used for a variety of applications in home construction. Note some of its advantages and why you might discuss using it with your builder when you're having a new home built.


Concrete is a poor host to insects and pests; using concrete for the framing of a home can mean fewer infestations, as termites, roaches, and rats have a difficult time burrowing into concrete. The material is also a poor host to bacteria and other such contaminants; concrete floors are often used in labs and other such facilities that need to remain clean and sanitary. For a home that is more hygienic and sanitary than one with a wood frame, choose concrete for the frame, flooring, and other surfaces.


Concrete is typically made from materials that are abundant and easy to harvest, including gravel, sand, and water. You don't need to worry about deforestation when you choose a concrete frame over a wood frame for your home, or the blasting and other processes needed to harvest the iron ore needed for making steel. While a mixing truck may need to keep its engine running while concrete is being poured, this can mean fewer emissions than what is produced by a truck that brings in wood, steel, and other materials that are not so easily harvested and collected or produced locally.

Quick construction

Precast concrete can mean a quick construction of your home. This refers to concrete walls or framing that are made in a factory and delivered to your jobsite, and then tilted up into place. This is faster than having a stick frame cut and connected on the jobsite, and it means less construction waste as well. Prefab concrete can also be made to exacting specifications. If you need special coatings or sealants to make the material even more hygienic than it is because of allergies or sensitivities in your family, this can be done in the factory as the concrete is mixed. It can also be painted or stained so that you don't need added materials to cover over the look of the concrete, but can keep it exposed on the outside. This, too, can mean a faster and even a less costly construction project overall.