Good Reasons to Use Premix Concrete Instead of Mixing Concrete Onsite

Traditionally, concrete used to be mixed right at the site where the construction work would take place. But today, there is premix concrete. As the name premix concrete implies, the concrete is mixed offsite and transported to the construction site using mobile concrete mixers. There are lots of benefits associated with opting for premix concrete over onsite concrete mixing. Read on to get acquainted with some of them.

Greater quality control

Quality control has always been a big cause for concern for building contractors that have decided to mix concrete onsite. Usually, it is not easy to achieve the desired water-cement ratio because of variations in weather conditions. For example, rain will increase the amount of water in the concrete mix while extremely hot temperatures will reduce water content through the process of evaporation. If there is too much water in the concrete mix, the mix will have greater workability but the strength of the concrete will be compromised. If there is not enough water, the mix will not compact well, creating air voids that will weaken concrete. Therefore, ensuring quality control is quite difficult when using concrete mixed onsite. But by using ready mix concrete carried by a mixer mounted on a truck, quality is always kept in check. Even if weather conditions at the construction grounds are unfavourable, the quality of concrete will not be undermined.

No space needed for installation or storage

Mixing concrete onsite is a job that may take up a significant amount of space at the construction site. This is because concrete mixing plants are large equipment that require a sizeable site to be set up. Once the machinery is up and running, you will need space to store the mix produced. With premix concrete, you do not have to worry about where you will erect your concrete mixing plant or where you will store your mix because the concrete is delivered to you in ready-to-use condition.

Reduced construction costs and time

When it comes to the execution of any construction project, money and time matter a great deal. The faster you will be able to complete a project, the sooner you can attend to another project. The more you reduce the amount of labour time required for your project, the more you will save money spent on salaries and wages. As premix concrete is delivered onsite readymade, actual construction work can begin immediately, saving on labour time and costs that could have been required to do the mixing onsite.