A Question and Answer Guide to Residential Concrete Polishing

Many homeowners presume that concrete polishing is a service that is primarily beneficial for commercial property owners. Admittedly, this process is commonly undertaken for commercial applications due to the range of advantages that it offers. But it should be noted that it is that set of advantages that has made concrete polishing steadily gain popularity among homeowners too.

If your contractor has suggested this process to rejuvenate your current concrete floors yet you remain unfamiliar with why it would be an ideal choice for your home, you could be sceptical about investing in these services. To help you learn more about this process and the reasons why it would be a great investment for your home, here is a brief question and answer guide to residential concrete polishing.

1. What are the steps that go into concrete polishing?

The first thing to take note of regarding concrete polishing is that it offers you an alternative to concrete replacement. Once the surface of your interior and exterior concrete floors start to degrade, you find that you are constantly engaging in concrete repairs. Polishing addresses these damages since the first step the contractors will take is filling up all cracks and gaps that have formed on the surface of the concrete.

This step is followed by concrete grinding which not only works to smooth the surface but also eliminates any staining and crumbling that may have occurred due to wear over the years. After the surface is sufficiently buffed and honed, the contractors will apply a specialised chemical coating that not only seals the surface buts adds a glossy shine to it. This specialised coating can enhance the original colour of the concrete or could add a different hue to the revitalised floors.

2. What are the advantages that concrete polishing offers?

Indubitably the biggest benefit of concrete polishing is that it provides you with an economical way to rejuvenate worn down concrete flooring, which restores the functionality of these floors at both the interior and the exterior of your home. Additionally, if you are looking to add a wow factor to your previously dull concrete floors, polishing is an ideal solution since you can add a pop of colour to your space while also making the most of the natural light available since the finished product is highly reflective.

The third major benefit of polishing is that it transforms the porous concrete into an impervious surface, which not only makes the flooring resistant to moisture damage but also inadvertently extends the life cycle of your floors. Not to mention the decreased maintenance demands you will have to bear since the concrete floors will be significantly more resilient to foot traffic and general wear than it was in its previous original state.