Advantages of Polished Concrete

If you're looking for a unique floor material for your home, why not consider polished concrete? Several of its benefits are outlined here to help you decide whether it's right for you.

Create a Sense of Space

Polished concrete flooring will help make your kitchen or other areas appear more spacious. Shiny surfaces reflect light, so the room will be brighter with light reflecting from the floor. To emphasise this sense, opt for light colours and patterns, as dark hues can tend to make an area feel smaller. Polished concrete also helps make a room feel bigger as it doesn't feature join lines like planks and tiles do. These lines add visual clutter that can give a crowded feeling.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home or Business

Like many people, you might want to help the environment by using less energy, as its generation tends to generate harmful greenhouse gases. Using natural means such as reflective polished flooring will help, as you'll rely less on artificial lighting. You may be able to turn off lights entirely during the day or else connect lower wattage globes. The savings from energy bills will accrue over time for ongoing benefits.

Simple to Clean

No grout or joint lines offers other benefits besides giving a spacious effect. It means that you won't have to reach into grooves and indents to scrub out the grime. Polished concrete is easy to clean. Simply sweep or damp mop the flooring to remove dirt. It's essential to do this regularly as dust can be abrasive on the polish. This surface is helpful for allergy sufferers as it doesn't rot or harbour moisture like timber can.

Design Choices

Polished concrete offers plenty of design choices, as contractors can add colour using various techniques. For example, they can mix pigments into the cement before pouring it. You can opt for muted earthy hues like sand or terracotta or select brighter tones. Stains can also be applied to the hardened concrete during the polishing stages. Stains give a natural look as they react with ingredients in concrete to create marbling and antiquing patterns. Colours can also be combined to add subtle variances.

Various Shine Levels

Polished concrete is created using diamond grits to buff a concrete slab, giving it a sheen. The process begins with larger grits set into polishing pads. As contractors work over the concrete, they use progressively finer grits, which gives a shinier finish. They can continue until the floor has a mirror-like finish, or else, they can stop at an earlier point while the concrete is matte. So you can specify whatever level of sheen you want.

Contact a local concrete contractor to learn more about polished concrete.