Why Is it Important to Keep Gutters Working Well?

Guttering is one of the most important parts of a home's water management systems. However, with it often being above the eye line and out of view, it can be easy to forget to inspect it regularly. According to the New South Wales state authorities, any guttering that was installed onto your home within the last six years can be inspected by the company that fitted it free of charge. If any of the installation work is found to be defective, they must fix it for you under Australian law. Read More 

Top Hazards to Be Mindful of During Concrete Cutting Activities

One of the most dangerous jobs in the concrete construction industry is cutting through concrete. If you are to do the job as a do-it-yourselfer, it is important that you are aware of the potential hazards involved so you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself and those near the work site. The following points will identify and explain some of the biggest hazards you should watch out for when performing a DIY concrete cutting project. Read More 

When Is GPR Preferable to X-Rays During Concrete Scanning?

One can use ground penetrating radar (GPR) or X-ray technology to scan concrete before any work, such as drilling holes for electrical wires, can be done. However, some situations make one technology to be a better choice than the other option. This article discusses some circumstances when the use of GPR scanning technology would be a better option than using X-ray imaging in case you would like some modifications to be done in a concrete structure. Read More 

Stamped Concrete or Hardwood Flooring: Which is Best for You?

Whether you're considering hardwood flooring or you already have it, you may be wondering whether it's truly the right choice for your family. Stamped concrete flooring can be a great alternative to hardwood. This coloured concrete can be designed to look just like hardwood flooring, but avoids many of the latter's pitfalls. Wondering if stamped concrete would work for your home? Here are 5 situations where this decorative concrete is a better choice than hardwood. Read More 

How to get your property ready for sale

The process of selling your home can be challenging; in most cases, quite a bit of preparatory work needs to be carried out before the owner can begin to host viewings for potential buyers. Below you'll find some advice on how to get your house ready for sale. Carry out some cosmetic repair work The idea of spending time, effort and money on a house that you don't intend to live in for much longer might not seem particularly enticing. Read More