Stamped Concrete or Hardwood Flooring: Which is Best for You?

Whether you're considering hardwood flooring or you already have it, you may be wondering whether it's truly the right choice for your family. Stamped concrete flooring can be a great alternative to hardwood. This coloured concrete can be designed to look just like hardwood flooring, but avoids many of the latter's pitfalls. Wondering if stamped concrete would work for your home? Here are 5 situations where this decorative concrete is a better choice than hardwood.

Better for Allergy Sufferers

Those who suffer from allergies are often advised to switch from carpet to hardwood, but not everyone will react positively to wood flooring. Many people are unaware that woods themselves can be irritants to the lungs, skin and eyes. While the risk of allergic reactions to woods is usually associated with woodwork and sawdust, particularly sensitive individuals may still react to finished wood flooring. If you or anyone in your family is prone to allergies, stamped concrete could be a better alternative to hardwood. Like hardwood, it avoids the dust-collecting difficulties of carpet, making it an all-round win for allergy sufferers.

Better for Interior Décor Enthusiasts

Do you like to rearrange your furniture often or switch out old pieces for new ones? Dragging heavy furnishings across hardwood floor can cause costly damage. Stamped concrete, on the other hand, is very durable and less likely to be scratched or dented.

Better for Sunlight Lovers

If your home is filled with sunlight-facing windows that aren't UV-protected, you could find your hardwood floor quickly fading. Furniture and rug placement can also lead to uneven fading of hardwood. Stamped concrete avoids this problem, because the colour pigments used will not fade.

Better for House-Proud Homemakers

No one likes to spend their whole day cleaning up. If you're house-proud, you'll want flooring that's resistant to everything from pet urine to spilled drinks to dirty shoes. Hardwood flooring can become stained easily by liquids and damaged by debris tracked into the house. Conversely, stamped concrete is resistant to staining and highly durable, reducing your daily cleaning and maintenance time.

Better for Budget-Conscious Families

Hardwood flooring can be a costly investment depending on your chosen style. Aside from the initial costs, you'll also need to factor in regular maintenance every few years and potential repair and restoration costs. Stamped concrete is often more affordable, and its durability gives it a longer lifespan than wood. All flooring needs maintenance sometimes, but stamped concrete's resistance to damage and staining means less frequent re-sealings.