Keep Your Liquid Limestone Floors Sparkling With These Handy Tips

Liquid limestone flooring is increasing in popularity because of its many advantages, such as the floor's ability to remain cool during hot weather. However, some homeowners may not know how to keep this stylish floor spotlessly clean. This article discusses some helpful tips that will enable you to keep that liquid floor sparkling throughout its service life.

Deal With Spills Quickly

Limestone floors are more likely to absorb any spills quickly due to their porosity. Such stains can mar the beauty of the floor by becoming embedded within the deeper layers of the liquid limestone. You can prevent stains and spills from detracting from the beauty of the floor by cleaning them up immediately. Place a absorbent material, such as a paper towel, on the floor so that the bulk of the spill is removed before it can penetrate the floor. You can then use other cleaning techniques described below to remove the rest of the stain or spill.

Use Limestone Cleaners

Buy specialised cleaning products that are designed for liquid limestone floors. Those cleaners will be able to remove all the dirt or grime that would have become embedded within the floor. This deep cleaning should be done at least quarterly so that grime isn't allowed to become ingrained within the limestone floors.

Avoid Acidic Cleaners

The quickest way to make a liquid limestone floor to appear dull is to use an acidic cleaner on that floor. Acidic cleaners react with the limestone and corrode its surface. That is why the floor becomes dull and unappealing. Examine the pH of all cleaning products before you use them on that floor. Only buy alkaline cleaners. This precaution should also apply to organic or homemade cleaning solutions. Vinegar is an example of an eco-friendly but acidic product that you should avoid using on the limestone floor.

Use Floor Mats

The easiest way to keep the liquid limestone floor sparkling is to prevent dirt from getting onto it. Floor mats can do just that. They reduce the amount of dirt that is carried into the house by people coming from outside the home. Remember to clean those floor mats regularly so that they retain their ability to absorb most of the dirt carried by shoes.

Consider asking professionals to fix any defects that develop in the limestone floors so that entry points are not created for dirt and grime. Those repairs will make it easy for you to implement the tips above. You will then have a long-lasting floor that will be admired by all your visitors.