Reasons To Undertake Asphalt Resurfacing On Your Driveway

One upgrade that will improve the functionality and appearance of your home is asphalt resurfacing of the driveway. Here are several reasons to consider undertaking this project.

More Attractive Facade

The driveway covers a vast expanse of your front yard, and if it's full of holes and fissures, it gives a dilapidated appearance to the entire facade. By resurfacing the asphalt, you'll give your home a fresh, smart appearance. If you're thinking of selling, this can only be of benefit. 

Prolongs Life

Resurfacing will prolong the life of your driveway. Before covering the surface in a new asphalt layer, contractors will fix any issues such as potholes and cracks. If you leave fissures and holes as they are, they'll simply get bigger. Once a pothole becomes too deep, you may need to replace that section, which will increase costs. Resurfacing can usually fix most smaller potholes, however. Mending the drive will make it stronger, prevent it from deteriorating further and prolong its life.


It's easy to trip on uneven pavement. When it's on a public road or footpath, you can notify the local council. But the safety of your property is your responsibility. A family member or friend could trip and break an ankle or wrist, which can take weeks to mend. You could be merely carrying grocery bags inside and then go flying if you forget about a pothole. Resurfacing will create a smooth, safe surface that will lessen the chances of accidents at your home and the pain and inconvenience they bring.

Smoother To Drive On

A smooth, even surface will be more pleasant to drive over as well. You won't need to wear your tyres out by always running over potholes or waste time trying to maneuver your car in between the patchy areas.

Prevents Over-Sealing

Asphalt does need regular sealing. However, resealing the same surface too often can lead to cracking. A resurfacing process will cover the drive with a new layer of asphalt which will be able to be safely resealed additional times, as it won't have yet reached its limit.

More Convenient Than Constant Patching

If you're patching the drive over and over again, it might be time to resurface it. Numerous patches give an unsightly appearance, but because resurfacing first addresses minor underlying problems, future cracks will be less likely. You're better off doing it once and doing it well instead to save on the continual inconvenience.