Reasons for Installing Exposed Aggregate Paving Around Your Home

Exposed aggregate differs from a standard grey slab of concrete in several ways. Extra pebbles and crushed stones are added to exposed aggregate paving. Before it hardens completely, contractors brush or wash away the top cement layer to reveal the gravel and stones inside. Thus, the paving looks textured and bumpy rather than smooth. The benefits of this beautiful concrete are explained below.

Colour Options

You can customise this surface in any way you like by using various stone species and colours. Add crushed granite, limestone, quartz, or coloured glass or seashells, for example. Stones can be blue, red, pink, beige, purple, and various other hues. Contractors can also add pigments to the cement mix, giving you yet another opportunity to change the look of the surface. Thus, you can blend the concrete with your surroundings and house. For example, if the exterior walls are a cool grey, use blues, purples, greys, and creams on the pavement. Alternatively, warm-toned pavement can be created by mixing red- or yellow-toned gravel.

Texture Control

Exposed aggregate produces a bumpy surface that offers excellent traction with less sliding. With your aggregate selections, you can customise the texture. For example, around a pool, mix round pebbles for a smooth, barefoot-friendly surface. Add angular crushed stones with sharper edges for a more textured pavement. The texture is also affected by the aggregate size. Larger or smaller rocks can be used. Flattish stones are often avoided since they don't stick well to the cement and can become loose. Depending on whether you're paving a pool deck, driveway, or patio, your contractor can advise you on the best alternatives.


Exposed aggregate is a versatile paving option that can be contrasted with various types of concrete for extra visual appeal. For example, you could set a border of stamped square pavers on a driveway and fill the middle with colourful exposed aggregate. Alternatively, exposed aggregate can be mixed with smooth concrete in bands divided by strips throughout a patio.

Low Maintenance and Durable

Exposed aggregate concrete creates a low-maintenance surface that requires little attention. Make sure you seal it properly. After that, other than sweeping or sprinkling with a garden hose, it doesn't require much effort. Additionally, exposed aggregate driveways are long-lasting and resistant to the sun, rain and other elements. It can withstand the weight of big cars on driveways. It also won't become infested with termites or decay like wood.

Reach out to a professional for more information about exposed aggregate