Reasons for Installing Exposed Aggregate Paving Around Your Home

Exposed aggregate differs from a standard grey slab of concrete in several ways. Extra pebbles and crushed stones are added to exposed aggregate paving. Before it hardens completely, contractors brush or wash away the top cement layer to reveal the gravel and stones inside. Thus, the paving looks textured and bumpy rather than smooth. The benefits of this beautiful concrete are explained below. Colour Options You can customise this surface in any way you like by using various stone species and colours. Read More 

Why You Should Perform Timely Kerb Repairs

Often installed on the periphery of pavements, kerbing is intended to maintain the structural integrity of paved areas while demarcating the landscape in a beautiful and unique way. Even though kerbs are designed to last after construction, they are not indestructible. Over time, they can suffer various forms of damage due to due to traffic and direct weather exposure. Kerb damage can range from minor cosmetic issues to major structural damage, which may pose slip and trip hazards to pavement users. Read More